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Why is Fort Worth Called Cowtown?

“From the 1860’s into the late 1870’s, Fort Worth was the king of the cattle industry and earned its nickname — Cowtown. Hell’s Half Acre, located where downtown Fort Worth is today, became the place to be for cowboys looking for entertainment. A cowboy could hang his hat, take off his boots, and settle in for a night of gambling, partying, and trouble in civilization’s last stop on the Chisholm Trail before the long cattle drive north to Kansas City. Now it is the scene of vibrant restaurants, live music, and less bawdy entertainments.

The Texas and Pacific Railway arrived in Fort Worth in 1876 and several other railroad companies arrived soon after. Railroads were the catalyst for further cattle industry growth and the building of stockyards. From Fort Worth, cattle could be shipped to market by rail, virtually ending the cattle drives northward to Kansas City. People arrived in droves via the transportation of the times – by horse or by rail. By 1878, Fort Worth had its first grain elevator. Flour mills followed and Fort Worth also became known as a grain center. The small town of Fort Worth quickly grew from about 300 people to over 3,000 residents.” (http://sightlines.usitt.org/archive/2013/07/CowtownNoMore.asp)